Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Explosive, Homing, Mine
First Seen: Water Level
The Artoo features as the homing-type enemy of the second world, following the Waspid in the first. It is a proximity-mine that will detonate upon making contact with the player, or another surface or object if the player can deflect it. The Artoo can be considered helpful in many situations, as using it effectively can dispatch other dangers for you.


The Artoo's sole attack is to home in upon Volgarr, initiated by a distinct beeping noise made upon activation. Once it is active, it will seek out Volgarr until it is either struck by an attack or finds its target. Upon reaching a target or being defeated, the Artoo will violently explode, doing a single point of damage in the process. This explosion can engulf nearby enemies too, and if they are weak enough, those enemies will also be killed in the explosion.

Artoos are a tricky enemy to face in a single sense: While their attack is often very simply dispatched, in that the player can strike them with sword or spear to immediately propel them away and destroy them; it is often a matter of when to attack an Artoo rather than how. The player should be careful to identify if an Artoo can be used to their advantage before immediately attacking them.


The Artoo first appears in the Water Level, Temple and finally in Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Artoo is presumably named after the popular Star Wars character
  • Following its namesake, the Artoo will generate a similar sound to the famous character when a player approaches
  • The sound the Artoo makes while actively seeking the player resembles the cry of a dolphin