Boo Barry

Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Homing
First Seen: Undead Temple
Boo Barry the wisp is a ghastly apparition that will chase Volgarr until being 'swatted' or until it simply disappears. It resembles the Life Fires the player can collect, however is larger in form and has a 'traditional' cartoon-esque face on it.  Boo Barry can be destroyed in a single hit, however it may spawn indefinitely in certain areas of the Undead Temple; often colliding with Volgarr while he is climbing the chains strewn within.


Boo Barry's only attack is to float towards Volgarr until dispatched. Multiple Boo Barrys will spawn in certain areas, requiring some quick reflexes on the player's part to safely pass them. They will always home in on the player for an approximate screen's distance; and may persist until they perish of their own volition, or upon being attacked. Given the frequency with which they respawn, it is recommended that the player keep moving even while attacking them, until they are safely out of the spawning area for the Boo Barry


The Boo Barry first appears in the Undead Temple, then in Fafnir's Tower.



  • The first part of Boo Barry's name may be a reference to the similarly themed enemy from Nintendo's Mario Bros series
  • Boo Barry's name may also be a play on the word 'blueberry'; given their appearance as small, round and blue