Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Contact
First Seen: Undead Level
Fleshwound is the basic enemy type that is encountered within the third world of the game. Oddly, Fleshwound is less aggressive than both of his equivalents in the Jungle Level and the Water Level: The Lizardman, and the Myrmor Defender, respectively. Fleshwounds are ancient, resurrected warriors whose flesh has rotted away, leaving them a skeleton wrapped in decomposing rags. As with its previously mentioned 'equivalents', the Fleshwound also has stronger variants in Mc Stabby and Sergeant Crunch

The Fleshwound does not have any real attacks, or weapons for that matter. Instead, the Fleshwound uses a shield to cover its gradual approach to the player, which protects them from both spear and sword attacks. Despite the protection it is offered by its shield, it cannot protect its lower body, leaving it open to crouching attacks.


The Fleshwound has a single form of attack: Walking. They will not attempt to strike at, nor dodge the player; simply approaching the player with their shield held high to protect them, the Fleshwound's only method of doing damage is making direct, close contact with Volgarr and nothing else. As their attack is to simply and quite slowly ram Volgarr, the player cannot block the 'attack'; but can very easily dodge it with either a roll or double jump.

To defeat the Fleshwound, simply crouch and hack at its legs once and it will be defeated.

Worthy of note is the Fleshwound's shield that it uses to protect its head: This shield can and will keep spears lodged in it to be used as footholds. The player should make use of this at certain points in the Undead levels to find hidden secrets.


The Fleshwound makes its first appearance in the Undead Level; a recurring appearance throughout the third world's Undead Temple; and a final appearance in Fafnir's Tower.



  • Fleshwound's name may originate from the popular catchphrase of the infamous Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • The same inspiration for his name may also serve as a 'tell' for how to defeat them, by striking at their legs
  • Fleshwound is one of few enemies that can be effectively 'mounted' by lodging a spear in their shields