Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat
First Seen: Jungle Level
The Kneebiter is the name of the first snake-type enemy Volgarr encounters on his quest. It is fairly harmless, however it can often surpise players due to its ambiguous height and fast attack.


The Kneebiter only has its titular attack, that is to lunge at Volgarr's knee with its fangs in order to bite him. This attack is completely blockable, avoidable and able to be dodge-rolled through.

Due to the Kneebiter being low to the ground the player must crouch to attack it with their sword, unless they have Tyr's Flame, in which case they can hit the Kneebiter while standing. Another tactic for players is to jump onto the Kneebiter and perform a downwards thrust, impaling the creature before safely landing.


The Kneebiter first appears in the Jungle level, recurring throughout the first world; and like nearly all enemies will return in Fafnir's Tower. The Kneebiter also has a stronger variant in the Spitter, an enemy encountered in World 3 - The Snake Cult Level.



  • The Kneebiter, given its appearance, may be a fledgeling Lizardman that has yet to grow into its full shape
  • The Kneebiter mostly resembles a regular snake, however it possesses a protruding spine and pupil-less eyes