Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Melee
First Seen: Jungle Level
Lizardmen are seen in the Jungle Levels, featuring in the tutorial as an easy way to teach the combat system. Their methods of approach are easily visible to the player, such as being seen climbing up from the bottom of the screen to reach the player; or storming towards them from afar once visible.


  • The basic Lizardman has only a single attack, that is to swing his club: This club swing can be avoided altogether by ducking
  • Worthy of note is the fact that Lizardmen will often approach the player over various chasms and platforms, therefore they may also damage the player through simply touching Volgarr - The only method of dealing with this is to read their pattern and avoid or kill them


Green Lizardmen appear all throughout the first world and additionally appear in Fafnir's Tower.



  • Certain Lizardmen can be caught off-guard, taking a nap while standing
  • The Lizardman is the first and weakest enemy encountered in the game