Lizardman Hunter

Hit Points: 2
Method of attack: Close Combat
First Seen: Jungle Level
Lizardman Hunters are the blue lizardmen seen in the first world. They are introduced fairly early as a harder upgrade to the basic Lizardman, and take two strikes to kill.


The Lizardman Hunter possesses the same club swing attack that the regular lizardman has; and as such its attack can be blocked or ducked without difficulty.


The Lizardman Hunter first appears in the Jungle Level, and continues to re-appear throughout the first world's Jungle Level and Jungle Temple. As with several other enemies, the Lizardman Hunter can once again be faced within Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Lizardman Hunter often appears with several other Lizardmen in tow
  • Perhaps in allusion to their name, Lizardman Hunters often do not appear in groups with each other
  • Surprisingly, the Lizardman Hunter is slightly slower and has a smaller jump than both the Lizardman and Lizardman Warrior