Lizardman Warrior

Hit Points: 3
Method of attack: Close combat
First Seen: Jungle level
Lizardman Warriors first appear in the Jungle Levels, as the final variant of the basic Lizardman and an upgrade to the Lizardman Hunter. They are almost identical in terms of movement and attack to their green and blue-colored bretheren, taking three hits to kill.


The Lizardman Warrior again uses the same attack as the Lizardman, meaning that its attacks can be avoided by ducking, dodge-rolling or blocking.


The Lizardman Warrior first appears mid-way through the Jungle Level, appearing later into the Jungle Temple and Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Lizardman Warrior is colloquially referred to by players as the 'red lizard' for simplicity's sake
  • The Lizardman Warrior can jump higher than other lizardmen, as demonstrable in the Jungle Temple
  • The Lizardman Warrior often appears alone