Mc Stabby

Hit Points: 2
Method of attack: Close Combat
First Seen: Undead Level
Mc Stabby is the Fleshwound skeleton's first variant. It is succeeded by the stronger red variant: Sergeant Crunch. Its appearance is near identical to its predecessor save for a blue ragged tunic and a still-attached sword arm. As such, Mc Stabby is also the first skeleton variant encountered that can attack the player. Despite the threat of attack with its sword, Mc Stabby poses little threat to the player unless encountered in tandem with another group of enemies.

Similar to dealing with Fleshwounds, Mc Stabby is best dealt with by quickly striking at its knees twice; likely before it can swing his sword at Volgarr.


Mc Stabby's sole attack is to strike at Volgarr with his sword. It does so by briefly holding up his sword, before lunging a small distance forward and swinging downward with it. This attack can be blocked (while either standing or crouching, despite its appearance) as well as dodged with little-to-no difficulty. Despite this, its shield still protects it from a standing attack, leaving the player with the option of waiting for it to attack before rapidly counter-attacking.

As with Fleshwound, Mc Stabby can be double jumped over and can be attacked with a downwards thrust to the head, however the danger associated with such a manouevre is increased due to Mc Stabby's sword and the extra hit point it has over Fleshwound.


Mc Stabby appears first in the Undead Level, reappearing in the Temple and later, in Fafnir's Tower.



  • It is unknown whether the correct term for this enemy is "Mc Stabby" or "MC Stabby" due to the font used for its name
  • Assuming that this enemy is called Mc Stabby, it may be inspired by the popular fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's