Myrmor Charger

Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Slide, Hits Low
First Seen: Water Level
The Myrmor Charger is the final Myrmor variant encountered in the second world, after the Myrmor Defender and Leaper (excluding Lord Vyssith). The Myrmor Charger, as with the Leaper, does not gain additional hitpoints. To compensate, the Myrmor Charger instead gains a new form of attack over the Defender.


The Myrmor Charger's main attack is to slide upon its belly, thrusting its trident at the player. This attack can be blocked or jumped over; and is easily countered by a downwards thrust performed from a jump.

Similar to the Leaper, the Charger may perform this attack to counter the player's pre-emptive spear throw. As opposed to the Leaper, however, the Charger will often opt to strike first if the player approaches. As a result of its preferred approach, the player need only perform a single, forward jump over the attack while thrusting down to defeat it.

The Charger will react to a spear throw, thus the player's safest option is to approach and wait to counter the Charger's attack.


The Myrmor Charger, as with the other Myrmor, makes a first appearance in the Water Level, through to the Water Temple, and will be seen again in Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Myrmor Charger will snigger at the player, just as with the Myrmor Leaper and Defender
  • The Charger, despite being the last Myrmor variant encountered, is generally easier to defeat than the Leaper
  • The Charger's slide can be blocked while standing, despite its appearance