Myrmor Defender

Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat
First Seen: Water Level
The Myrmor Defender (a.k.a. Poking Dingus) serves as the basic enemy type for the Water level and is best killed using the spear throw. If the player does not make any attempt to approach or attack them, they will hop a short distance towards Völgarr. The tridents they wield are longer than Völgarr's sword, making them particularly hard to defeat in close combat.

They are the first and weakest in a series of three enemy types: The Myrmor Defender (Green), the Myrmor Leaper (Blue) and the Myrmor Charger (Red)


The Myrmor Defender only has a single attack - A thrust with their trident. However, unlike the Lizardmen found in the first world, this trident attack cannot be ducked. Instead, the player must stay out of range of the Defender's trident, and attack either by first blocking the trident and closing in for a sword strike or by throwing a spear from afar.

It is important to note that the trident wielded by the Myrmor Defender is longer than Volgarr's sword (Default or upgraded); therefore the player must block this attack before they can approach the defender. Alternatively, since the Defender wields his trident near his hip, the player can strike from above with a downwards thrust off of a jump to kill the Defender, however they must be more careful when doing so.

The Myrmor Defender is also prone to thrust quite quickly with its trident, often directly after it has appeared (usually from the water), thus the player can also take advantage of this small opening by striking them before they manage to land, after emerging from the water.


The Myrmor Defender, first appears in the Water world's Water Level and Water Temple; and like several other enemies will be faced once again in Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Myrmor Defender is one of the few enemies encountered to display some form of speech, as they will snigger to themselves sometimes when Volgarr approaches