Myrmor Leaper

Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Counter, Leaping
First Seen: Water Level
The Myrmor Leaper serves as an 'upgraded' Myrmor Defender, serving a similar function to the varying Lizardmen found in the first world of the game. Despite being an upgrade to the Defender, the Myrmor Leaper does not gain extra hitpoints - instead it has a completely new attack to compensate for its vulnerability.

The Myrmor Leaper will often appear with other Myrmor, such as the Defender or Charger; but often does not appear with other Leapers.


The Myrmor Leaper's main form of attack is to leap at a high angle into the air, before plunging down upon Volgarr. Following its landing, depending on its proximity to the player, the Leaper may either perform several quick thrusts with its trident (in the exact same fashion as the Defender), or attempt to leap after the player instead.

The titular leap itself is not very difficult to avoid, and the Leaper can be very easily dispatched with a double jump. The difficulty lies in that a Leaper will generally either wait for the player to approach or will instantly leap when the player attempts to spear it as they would the Defender. The surprise of this sudden and irregular attack pattern may surprise players who first encounter the leaper.

Despite the element of surprise, a leaper can still be speared if it is still in mid-air from its leap, in addition to being susceptible to a double jump attack. Note, however, that the leap attack cannot be blocked, due to the extreme angle of the attack. Therefore the player must either attack it before it can begin its leap in earnest; avoid it first; or force the Leaper into its attack by throwing a spear in order to goad it into leaping.

This leap attack also has a 'start-up', in that as the Leaper ascends it will not thrust its spear downwards, and will be in a 'neutral jumping' position, leaving it vulnerable. once it begins its descent, however, it is much less vulnerable to a direct attack such as a double jump (It is still able to be killed in this manner).

Following the leap, if it attempts a trident thrust, the player need only block as with the Defender.


The Myrmor Leaper first appears throughout the Water Level, and subsequently appears in the Water Temple and in Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Myrmor Leaper, as with its bretheren, will sometimes snigger at the player when Volgarr approaches
  • The Myrmor Leaper is one of several enemies who can be coaxed into jumping into a pit, leading to their downfall