Hit Points: 5
Method of attack: Ranged
First Seen: Jungle Level
The Nuptup is a partially sentient plant which will periodically spit seeds in a consistent arc. Nuptups are quite large and often obstruct the player's path due to their difficult to avoid attacks and placement within levels.


The Nuptup's primary attack is to spit four seeds about itself, two seeds within close proximity and two seeds farther away, at approximately double the distance of the close seeds. The player should maintain adequate distance and observe where the seeds land, before placing themself within range of the Nuptup. While doing so the player should be careful to wait for the seeds to completely dissipate after landing, as the puffs of gas they leave may still damage Volgarr.

Often, the player will easily be in a position whereby they can attack the Nuptup with a ranged, spear throw. When this is not the case, the seeds can be blocked by Volgarr's shield (this is difficult regardless due to to the overhead arc of the projectile); and the player should employ a 'hit and run' strategy in order to take down the Nuptup.


The Nuptup appears throughout the first world of the game, and also reappears in Fafnir's Tower.


Trivia Edit

  • The Nuptup derives its name from popular Youtube personality ProJared's series of Pokémon playthroughs.