Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Fast, Swooping
First Seen: Undead Level
The raven is a dark-feathered, mocking bird that will antagonise the player differently depending upon which stage they are encountered in. While they do not usually appear in enemy-crowded areas, the unpredictability of their attack can catch players off-guard.


Undead Level VariantEdit

When encountered in the Undead Level, the Raven will wait for the player to approach before flying a large distance in the opposite direction (often exiting the screen) - This acts as a precursor to their main attack, that is to swoop in a straight, horizontal path towards the player's head from the direction it left the screen. This attack is not deadly, but may catch players off-guard if encountered under duress. Despite the element of surprise, the Raven's attack can be ducked or blocked; and the Raven itself can be killed before it hits Volgarr.

At certain times, the Raven can be quickly dispatched by pre-empting it with a spear.

Air Level VariantEdit

The variation of the Raven found in the Air Level does not attack at all similarly to the one found in the undead level. In the Air Level, the Raven will fly in place until the player approaches. Once within close distance (usually if they appear on-screen when zoomed in), the Raven will swoop down in a small arc at the player. This attack can be blocked or dodged. Although for the Air Level's Raven, the best way to dodge is to jump over its attack with the correct timing.

Most of its appearances in this level present an opportunity to spear it early.


The Raven first appears in the Undead Level, reappears with a differing attack pattern in the Air Level, and as with all other enemies returns in Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Raven is perhaps the only enemy to appear in multiple stages, excluding the mandatory reapparance in Fafnir's Tower