Sergeant Crunch

Hit Points: 3
Method of attack: Close Combat, Leaping, Overhead
First Seen: Undead Level
Sergeant Crunch is the strongest skeleton variant encountered in the Undead world of the game; preceded by Mc Stabby and Fleshwound. Its appearance visibly denotes its superiority over the two in the addition of a helm, a new attack and its obviously red motif. Given the appearance, it resembles a ghastly incarnation of Volgarr himself, when fully armoured. In addition to its striking beyond-the-grave likeness to our hero, Sergeant Crunch gains its own downwards thrust attack in addition to the attacks of its previous variants.

With the three hits it takes to kill it and its often difficult to avoid attack pattern, Sergeant Crunch is the deadliest threat encountered in the Undead Level(s) short of Lord Frakkus himself.


Sergeant Crunch will attack in a pattern: Two lunging sword strikes, followed by a leaping downwards thrust.

The first two attacks can be blocked or dodged with relative ease as they are identical to those of Mc Stabby; the true danger Sergeant Crunch poses is in its leaping head thrust. Immediately after coming within attacking range following its first two strikes, Sergeant Crunch will leap towards Volgarr in an attempt to strike down on his head. This attack can only be dodged, either by rolling or hastily retreating.

Sergeant Crunch is also largely invincible during his leaping thrust, therefore players should count his sword strikes, anticipate the attack, and retaliate after dodging the downwards thrust to safely defeat it.


Sergeant Crunch, as with his variants, appears first in the Undead Level, then in the related Temple; with a final appearance in Fafnir's Tower.



  • Sergeant Crunch's name is quite obviously inspired by the popular brand of cereal, Cap'n Crunch
  • Sergeant Crunch, given its appearance, was likely a viking before its death