Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Ranged, Projectile
First Seen: Water Level
The Shucky is a stationery, pearl-spitting oyster that forces the player to time their attacks in order to defeat it. It will often activate when Volgarr comes within a (zoomed-in) screen's distance, but if it does not then it will activate upon being struck.


Shucky's singular attack is to fling a pearl in a completely straight, horizontal path either to its left or right (depending upon which side Volgarr is on). The pearl it fires can be blocked, and is easily avoided with a duck or jump. Shuckys are often quite simple to defeat, however the player must always be aware of the timing before, upon and after it fires its pearl.

Shuckys will often be found placed on narrow platforms, and must be defeated to progress (lest Volgarr be struck by a Shucky and fall to their demise). They can only be defeated by attacking them while their mouth is open, and any attack will kill it instantly if its insides are exposed.


Shuckys appear in the second world of the game, first in the Water Level and then in the Water Temple. They will appear at certain points in Fafnir's Tower, often grouped closely together with each other and other enemies.



  • Shuckys may at times simply ignore the player when Volgarr first approaches, but will later attack them once they attempt to pass
  • If the player grows impatient with waiting, hitting a Shucky may encourage it to open its mouth