Hit Points: 8
Method of attack: Ranged, Ground, Shockwave
First Seen: Undead Level

The Skele-Ton, befitting its name, is a colossal skeleton dressed in full plate armour and cloaked in red. Wielding its massive hammer, the Skele-Ton sends shockwaves rippling at Völgarr simply by striking at the ground, akin to the game's first boss. The Skele-Ton serves as the heavy/large and durable enemy for this stage, as the Crab Battler and Nuptup were in their respective stages.

Despite its size, the Skele-Ton is relatively harmless if the player has already mastered the tactics for fighting Lord Gyrgok, and will fall after eight hits.


The Skele-Ton's sole form of attack is identical to that of Lord Gyrgok: Striking at the ground to create a shockwave that ripples towards Völgarr. It cannot be blocked, but can dodged by timing a jump over it. The player should still approach with caution, as Skele-Tons do not always appear alone; before approaching its enormous body to attack. Once the player has come within striking distance of the Skele-Ton they should be able to finish him off before another shockwave, but as with Lord Gyrgok, should they be concerned about their safety then they should strike at him five times.

One strategy for quickly dispatching a Skele-Ton is to throw a charged spear from outside its range, then close in for five quick sword strikes. Alternatively, the player may leap the shockwave and throw two spears in the process, before closing in for the six remaining sword strikes.


The Skele-Ton appears in the Undead Level, Undead Temple, and Fáfnir's Tower.



  • The Skele-Ton's name is a pun on its size and weight, and the fact that it is a skeleton
  • The Skele-Ton is one of few common enemies in the game to share its attack with a boss, Lord Gyrgok in this case
  • The race of the Skele-Ton in life is unknown, what is known is that it clearly was not human when still living
  • The rune-marks adorning its armour may be an indication to whom the Skele-Ton served before rising as a servant of Lord Frakkus