Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat
First Seen: Water Temple
The Slyme is an enemy that can, with time, overwhelm the player due to being spawned constantly from a single source. It is easily dispatchible, but is quite small requiring a player to act quickly lest it begins to make more dangerous movements towards the player. It bears another variant that is encountered in the Snake Cult Level; known as Hot Sauce.


The Slyme's attack is its very movements. It may either perform a short hop towards Volgarr, that is easily avoidable by staying away from 'kissing distance'; or charge up and perform a high jump aimed at Volgarr's head height. Both moves will do a single hit point of damage to Volgarr.

The attacks of the Slyme are not particularly dangerous, however Slymes can gang up upon the player, gravely impeding progress. Therefore, Slymes should be taken out relatively quickly after appearing, and can be dispatched with either sword or spear.

Should a Slyme attempt a high jump at Volgarr, telegraphed by a sudden and violent shudder, the player may be able to avoid the attack by ducking, or dodge rolling. The low jump may be avoided altogether by jumping over it. It is important to note that, as the motion of the Slyme's movement is quite short, its attacks are often unblockable.


The Slyme first appears in the Water Temple; and returns again to antagonise the player in Fafnir's Tower. It also possesses an alternate incarnation - as the Raven, Kneebiter and Turantular have - that appears in the Snake Cult Level.



  • Slymes are buoyant, and will always float to the top of any source of water they reside in
  • The method through which the vase that contains the Slyme both provides life to, and stores the seemingly infinite amount of Slymes, is unknown