Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat
First Seen: Jungle Level
The Turantular is a simple, enlarged spider.


Like many enemies encountered in the game's first level, the Turantular only has a single tactic: a leap attack. The Turantular will stand idle, at crouching height, until Volgarr approaches; at which point it will leap up towards the player's head in order to attack. This attack can be dodge rolled out of, or double jumped over, but cannot be blocked.

Despite being unblockable, the Spider's jump arc leaves it completely vulnerable to a sword swing, thus the best way to combat it is to wait for it to leap before taking a standing sword swing.


The Turantular appears in the Jungle Level, Jungle Temple and Fafnir's Tower. The Turantular, similarly to the Kneebiter, has an upgraded variant that appears in the Undead Level: The Widower.



  • The Turantular is quite obviously named after the Tarantula, a real life 'giant' spider; however most Tarantulas are not larger than a shoe
  • The turantular is one of the few enemies in Volgarr the Viking to have an unblockable attack