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Völgarr the Viking is a 'arcade-hard' styled platforming game made by Crazy Viking Studios, through the support of Kickstarter. It offers a 16-bit arcade-esque look and feel including a lack of a save option, replaced by checkpoints, for an authentic old-school package. The game is available on Steam, GoG and at the studio's website, DRM-free, here.


During his epic quest, Völgarr can obtain several power-ups in the form of equipment; some grant him greater sustainability while others may increase his attack, speed, or abilities. Völgarr can obtain the following: A basic wooden shield; a stronger, metal shield; a helmet; and an upgraded sword. This is in addition to the secret fifth obtainable powerup: Mjollnir's Blessing - A one-time use AoE effect which instantly kills all nearby non-boss mobs upon taking a hit.


Studying all of the different Enemy types proves to be the best way to defeating levels.

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Völgarr the Viking has a total of six worlds (seven including the secret level). Each is distinctly themed and, with the exception of the final level of the game, consist of two separate levels within them: An open area commonly referred to as the 'level' itself; and a 'temple' at the end of which a boss is fought. The player is given a checkpoint upon reaching the temple of the relative world, but must restart from the beginning of the temple even if they had reached the boss. See below for walkthroughs of each level:

Valkyrie (Limited life) levels:Edit

Main article here: Path of the Valkyrie

The Path of the Valkyrie is an alternate series of levels, that can only be accessed after certain prerequisites have been met. Following and successfully completing the Path of the Valkyrie yields two additional endings for the game. The Valkyrie level variants of each world are featured here: