Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Homing
First Seen: Jungle Level
The Waspid is a simple wasp that is first encountered in the Jungle. Volgarr can often easily avoid them, however like with many of their kind they will grow enraged should he come close enough and attempt to sting him.


The Waspid's sole attack is to simply 'home' in on Volgarr in order to sting him. This attack is denoted by the Waspid's eyes flashing red: for the duration they are lit up they will circle towards Volgarr, until they either strike him or simply give up. Coming into contact with a Waspid will harm Volgarr, and they generally do not attack at an angle that can be blocked. However, the Waspid is one of the slowest moving enemies in the game, and takes a good while to actually begin its attack pattern; thus the player can very easily kill them with a spear before even coming into range of their attack, or use a double jump or well-aimed sword slash to finish them.


The Waspid first appears in the Jungle level of the first world; continues to appear in the Jungle Temple; and also returns in Fafnir's Tower.