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The Water level's primary motif, as per its name, is that of a water-world. The primary antagonist of the stage is a race of fishmen known as Myrmor, while the player also encounters enemy crabs, clams, and floating depth-mines. The water-world itself resembles the Ancient Greek civilization, bearing architecture distinct to said civilization (See here). The buildings, walls and arches are slightly dilapitated; while walls are broken and caved in, giving the observer a sense of uneasiness: The Myrmor do not appear to have been the sole residents of the city, and seem to have forcefully ejected any of Midgard's other inhabitants, or worse.

Despite the ravages of the apparent invasion of the Myrmor, some beauty still remains in the city: Ornate, golden statues and vases can be seen in the level, while the Water Temple is quite a radiant sight. The player may notice, however, that Lord Vyssith's subjects have carved his sigil into the walls of the once sacred temple.