The Water Level is the first level of the Path of the Valkyrie, and is accessible from Volgarr's Castle if he has obtained a life fire from the first world. Should the player lose all of their available lives (Number of life fires+1), they will be sent to the beginning of the main story's Water Level. As such, the player should always attempt to follow the safest route described hence.


...Continues on from the Jungle Temple

Crab BattleEdit

Hit the motion sensor with your sword when it comes close. This should kill the clam. Now get on top of the platform above the clam, jump forward fire a spear and then jump back in mid air. Do this until it dies. (If you didn't kill the clam) Jump on the boat and defeat the clam by firing as when your boat is low. Continue forward, spear the green fish, pick up the chest and hit the lowest motion sensor. Spear the three clams from a distance then the blue fish finshing off with the final clam. Slide and jump then take out the motion sensor. Platform across and another motion sensor will aggro you, defeat this then break the third pillar from the left to Mjollnir's Power and get onto the boat. If you have a hammer shield then fire a fire spear at the floating platform

Boat RideEdit

Fire an arrow when close enough to the floating platform and then take out the motion sensor. Get on to the platform open the chest then get back onto the boat. Defeat the next motion sensor and then the clam.

Lord VyssithEdit

See the main article here for in-depth strategies

Lord Vyssith can only be struck at certain points where he emerges from the water. Memorise his patterns, and crouch on the adjacent platform to the one he crosses over in order to take a swing at him. When he emerges for his Hydro-Shock attack at the center of the arena, take the opportunity to land as many hits as possible; and drop into the water if he lands on a wooden platform to perform his Lightning Bolt attack. With patience, and proper placement, Vyssith will soon fall.