Hit Points: 1
Method of attack: Close Combat, Breath
First Seen: Undead Level
The Widower is a giant, antagonistic spider encountered by Volgarr throughout the world of the undead. It is an 'upgraded' variant of the first world's Turantular; bearing a different colour and body: It is a tinged purple-blue; with a red stripe running down its back in addition to its eight pale legs.

When provoked, it will approach Volgarr and spit a cloud of green venom at him; but only takes a single hit to kill.


Apart from pouncing at the player from above, the Widower will also follow the player along the ground and spit a venomous cloud upon reaching Volgarr. This attack can be blocked while ducking and easily avoided.


The Widower appears in the Undead Level and Undead Temple; in addition to Fafnir's Tower.



  • The Widower is named for, and highly resembles the real-life black widow spider
  • The 'venom' it bears over the Turantular is another allusion to this, as black widows are known to be highly venomous